EPS Global
Electronic Payment Systems Global (“EPS-Global”) technology allows our clients to process Automobile No-Fault and Workers Compensation claims electronically, thereby increasing workflow efficiency and significantly reducing the expense of submitting a claim to less than the price of a US postage stamp.
EPS Products
EPS-Globals clearinghouse will improve the current burden of manual, repetitive administrative tasks to that of a uniform electronic format, ensuring maximum productivity and cost savings for both medical providers and Automobile and Workers Compensation insurance companies.
Save Big with EPS Global
On average, utilizing the EPS Global automation processes results in a savings “windfall” of $2,400,000.00 plus, per every 100,000 transactions. Depending on your company size, this bottom-line savings could be realized every month, quarter, or annually.
EPS Global Offerings:
  • Real-time proper submission to all parties (the first time)
  • Increased profit for the company and its shareholders
  • Reduce human error resulting in possible penalties and lawsuits
  • No set up or customized programming fees


Electronic Payment Systems Global (“EPS-Global”) is a software company designed to process medical claims electronically and efficiently.  EPS Global was founded by the leading Automobile and TPL Insurance Healthcare Attorneys, Revenue Cycle Directors, Hospital billing and collections personnel as well as insurance company claims managers and adjusters.

The purpose of our company is to improve manual or paper claims into an electronic format and process. This ensures maximum productivity with minimum cost for both automobile insurance companies as well as medical providers.

By transforming existing practices and implementing EPS-Global technology, healthcare providers and insurance companies can have a third-party vendor enhancing their revenue while significantly reducing their expenses.


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